How Tapestri helps you make money with your data:

Yes, when you sign up for Tapestri using the button above I get a dollar. That small commission is definitely not enough for me to back an app that I don't think is awesome, so you can trust that I believe that Tapestri is an opportunity you'll want to be a part of.

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Go find the app in the Apple App Store (Tapestri IO) or the Google Play Store and then enter the sign up code above to sign up.

The answers below are based on my best research and my experience with Tapestri, but I don't speak for the company – so there's no guarantee of accuracy.

Why was Tapestri started?

During his decade of experience in the mobility space, Tapestri founder Walter Harrison saw firsthand how thousands of mobile apps were capturing and monetizing user data without the knowledge or consent of their users. Frustrated by this reality, Walter set out to launch an app where the end user would actually get paid for that data.

The end result was Tapestri.

How does Tapestri work?

Tapestri is an app that you can download and install on your iOS or Android device. Tapestri runs in the background and captures anonymous location data from your iPhone or Android phone. That anonymous data is monetized and then Tapestri pays you for your anonymous data.

Does Tapestri really only capture anonymous data?

Yes. All the data that Tapestri captures and monetizes is totally anonymous. In addition Tapestri is very transparent about what data is collected. Inside the app you can see every single data event collected – including each location   visited. But even though you can see those data points inside your account, the monetized data is fully anonymous.

How much money can I make with Tapestri?

The average user who installs the Tapestri app on their mobile device can make between $8 and $25 per month. The actual amount of money you make is primarily dependent on your device.

In addition, you can make monthly recurring commissions through Tapestri's referral plan. You'll make $1 every month for each referred friend who installs and uses the Tapestri app on their phone.

Want to make even more? Find out about Tapestri's affiliate program.

Do I have to change my behavior to make money with Tapestri?

That's the best part: with Tapestri you get paid for living your normal life!

The Tapestri app simply runs in the background and captures your anonymous location data. There's no surveys to fill out, no tasks to complete, and no specific locations to visit.

The Tapestri Affiliate Program

How does the Tapestri Affiliate Program work?

It's simple: you get paid for referring new Tapestri users. You'll make $1/month for every active user you refer.

But it doesn't end there! When those "first level users" refer others, you make $1/month for each of them as well.

So if you refer 10 users (Level 1) who each refer 10 users (Level 2), you'll be making $110/month!

Find out more about the Tapestri Affiliate Program.

What is a Tapestri Super Affiliate?

Becoming a Tapestri Super Affiliate is where you can really unlock your affiliate earning potential.

To become a Tapestri Super Affiliate all you have to do is refer 10 users who sign up as an affiliate.

Tapestri Super Affiliates not only get paid $1/month per referred user (in both the first and second level), they get paid based on the success of the affiliates they recruit!

Super Affiliates receive a 50% matching bonus on every dollar that your recruited affiliates make! Plus a 50% matching bonus on every dollar made by the affiliates recruited by your affiliates!

If you refer 10 affiliates (Level 1) who each refer 10 affiliates (Level 2), you'll be making $110/month in direct commissions.

But if each of your Level 2 affiliates refer 10 users (Level 3) who each refer 10 users (Level 4), you'll make another $6,050/month!

Find out more about the Tapestri Affiliate Program.
Income Disclosure Statement:
Refer to Tapestri's Compensation Plan for complete details. The earnings of Tapestri Affiliates are 100% dependent upon their skills, work, effort, commitment, leadership and market conditions. Commission results will vary. To earn commissions affiliates must demonstrate commitment. It is without a doubt that there will be Tapestri Affiliates who earn less, while others earn more. Tapestri does not guarantee any level of Income or success to any Tapestri Affiliate.
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